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Product Description

Body Bites Organic Green Tea is a herbal tea with an array of health benefits. With 6 time the Antioxidants than (English) Black Tea, Organic Green Tea will support your body through stress, toxicity and free radical damage. With tremendous benefits for Inflammation, enhance NK Lymphocytes and assisting in prevention and treatment of some type of cancer. Green Tea inhibits growth of bad bacteria and promotes growth of good gut flora. Assisting and supporting your entire digestive system from mouth to bowel. When consumed on an empty stomach the effect is enhanced, adding it to your collection of healing foods and herbs, Organic Green Tea belongs in every home.

The research on Green Tea is growing every year, however we already have access to research on the anti-aging benefits, prevention of  Telomere shortening. Various Cancers that are prevented or treated with Organic Green Tea. Supporting Red Blood Cell walls from oxidative damage. The list goes on.

Organic Green Tea gives the body fundamental foundations to support almost every aspect of your health and body, inclusive of your teeth, bones, digestive organs and much more.

Keep an eye out for our articles for further research on the benefits of Organic Green Tea. Also Wiki has some great information on Green Tea click here

When drinking Body Bites Organic Green Tea, from the first sip, you will taste and feel the difference in quality.


  • Potent Antioxidant Concentration for cellular support
  • Supporting Healthy Guy Flora
  • Stamina Support
  • Enhance your Immune System
  • Increased Energy Production
  • Kills off Bad Gut Flora/Bacteria
  • Cholesterol

Serving Suggestion

The Optimal Dose for Tea Polyphenols requires the consumption of 4 or more cups per day. (approximately 3grams of tea leaves)

For regular use with a healthy lifestyle, consume to your hearts content.

Pack Size: 200g


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